About Us

For the past decade, Anthony and Crystal have researched, created, tested and optimized their own homemade hair and skin regimens and products.
Anthony Obey & Crystal Obey, Tony Crystal Labs, LLC

 They've used these formulations to help friends, family and neighbors of all ages and ethnic groups overcome common skin ailments and hair issues.

The Obeys share a passion to help alleviate, what they have coined, "Black Hair Poverty" (the high percentage of African American women with damaged hair as compared to other races of women). 

Tony and Crissy hope to educate and empower women with curly, coily and kinky hair to go from hiding behind wigs and weaves to embracing authentic beauty that comes from growing one's own full head of long, thick, strong, soft and healthy hair that’s easy to style and easy to manage from home.

TONY CRYSTAL LABS, LLC was founded on the idea that "women not only need quality products, but also quality processes to achieve healthy hair."

So the couple spent more than one and a half years writing their breakthrough book that outlines and defines the issue of “black hair poverty.”

Their book dives deep into psychological factors that may contribute to reasons women obsessively pursue healthy curly hair, yet fail to achieve long-term 'hair happiness.'

Co-authors of the book, "It's My Prerogative: My Hair, My Way, Everyday," Tony and Crissy reveal the missing link to empowering more women to achieve healthy, naturally curly hair.

Finally, the couple pursue their vision of ending black hair poverty by offering women innovative products that produce healthy, manageable, and gorgeous textured hair.

To build hair care products that are both nourishing and effective at improving the quality of unruly or damaged hair, the Obeys collaborated with an experienced team of chemists who specialize in formulating salon-grade, natural hair products.

The result is a breakthrough hair-care product line called PREROGATIVE HAIR SYSTEMS.

Anthony and Crystal have been marriage partners, business partners and best friends since 2002 – 15 years (at 2017). They’re raising three amazing kids and counting – including Caleb, Milan and Savannah. Their home is Dallas, Texas.

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