Naturally Curly Hair

Enjoy Super-Healthy, Naturally Curly Hair & Flawless Styles At Home With a New System!

Have you shed tears of frustration, fighting hair issues and quirks, on your journey to healthy, gorgeous hair? We've all got war-stories of wrangling frizz, tangles, split ends, dry and damaged curls, coils and kinks in the bathroom.

A disruption has begun. It's name? PREROGATIVE HAIR SYSTEMS.

This breakthrough system is ideal for all phases of your journey to natural curly hair. Grow longer, thicker, stronger, hydrated curls that are easy to style and easy to manage - and quickly achieve jaw-dropping styles from home.

You'll finally shout... "It's My Prerogative! My Hair, My Way, Everyday!"

Finally Gain Hair 'Happiness' in 3 Simple Steps!

pH balanced curly hair

pH Balances Hair

Mixing products, using homemade concoctions and lack of care alters the pH balance, and health, of your mane. Unbalanced hair may feel brittle, crunchy, mushy, or tangled. Our premium-quality, salon-grade ESSENTIAL HEALTHY-HAIR KIT restores pH balance and health for easy maintenance and styling.

moisture balanced curly hair

Moisture Balances Hair

Most girls with curls struggle with hair dryness, which may cause split-ends, weak and brittle strands, and dull hair that's unruly and difficult to manage. Our ESSENTIAL HEALTHY-HAIR KIT restores hydration - resurrecting dead strands to health. Finally enjoy soft, thick, hydrated hair with a healthy shine.

strong curly hair

Strength Balances Hair

Many curly girls have weak hair and breakage. Do you have too many strands lost to your comb or brush? The ESSENTIAL HEALTHY-HAIR KIT repairs deeply damaged tresses and restores vital strength - giving you hair that grows longer, smoother, super-elastic and well-defined. Restore balanced vitality today!

Even More Reasons Ladies Crave Our Products & Support:

Real Stories from Hair Trouble to Hair Triumph...

“Before I started using Prerogative Hair Systems I had to layer a ton of products to manage and style it. And these products were pricey.

What I love about Prerogative products is that I no longer need to use a huge list of products. With Prerogative, my isn’t weighed down, I don’t have to use much shampoo – just a quarter-size amount – on my super-thick hair.

I’ve used the Essential Healthy-Hair Kit for about 3 months now and love it. My favorite is the Rebirth Deep Cleanser and the Resurrection Miracle Mask. We have very-hard well-water where I live so Rebirth does a great job cleansing hard-water deposits out, leaving my hair soft and pliable.

I used to lose so much more hair with other products, but with Prerogative, I’m keeping more hair than ever before. I can’t believe it! The Argan Oil doesn’t leave my hair greasy. My hair is light, soft, easily manageable and is always left smelling amazing.

Everybody should be using these products.”

Debbie W.

Essential Healthy-Hair Kit

"My hair has been natural for about 9 years now. The biggest issue I’ve had is dryness, brittle and easily tangled ends.

I’ve been using the PREROGATIVE ESSENTIAL HEALTHY-HAIR KIT for over 2 months and it’s added so much moisture to my hair. With a little of the leave-in conditioner, I can easily comb through my hair. I used a lot of different products to manage my hair.

When I got my shipment in the mail, I was so excited. It came with a calendar regimen that is super-easy to use. It shows me exactly when to use each of the 6 products in the kit throughout the month.

I love the smell of the products and the shampoo is rich, so I don’t have to use that much. I no longer hear that popping sound when I comb through my hair. I also bought the book, "It's My Prerogative," and loved all I learned about managing my natural hair.

Plus, it’s no longer crunchy like it was. It feels very hydrated and manageable. I would advise anyone who wants healthier hair to use this system and get the book, also."

Tammie C.

Essential Healthy-Hair Kit

BEFORE MAKEOVER: "I struggled with hair that was unruly, frizzy, unmanageable…it basically had a mind of it’s own."

AFTER MAKEOVER: "My hair feels soft and flowy. I love it. My makeover session went well and I feel like I can manage this. It’s my prerogative, my hair, my way, everyday!"

From Plano, TX

Essential Healthy-Hair Kit

BEFORE MAKEOVER: “My hair was dry, kinky and somewhat frizzy.

I tried a lot of the main name-brand products and still struggled with my hair."

AFTER MAKEOVER: “Now my hair feels very soft, silky, and bouncy.”

Dallas, TX

Essential Healthy-Hair Kit