Flat Iron Straightening Kit - Straighten Natural Hair

Finally, straighten natural hair, revealing a silky smooth and radiantly shiny mane.

Effortlessly flat-iron your hair while protecting your strands from heat damage with this luxurious, salon-grade, straight styling kit. 


SERIOUSLY SILK SERUM - This serum straightens, shines and defines damp or dry hair using a powerful fusion of organic extracts that transform your hair instantly.

THERMAL SHIELD FLAT IRON MIST - One of our most popular products; formulated for flat irons to glide smoothly, leaving shiny, radiant and gorgeous hair.

Instantly Straightens, Smooths, Defines, Adds Radiant Shine, Seals, UV and Thermal Protectant

straight black natural hair products by Tony Crystal Labs

Want to Instantly Transform Curly or Kinky Hair to Silky Straight with the Best Salon-Grade, Heat Protectant Straightening Products?

Instantly transform curls, coils or unruly kinks, to lustrous, silky-straight and sensuously sleek hair with every smooth glide of the flat-iron.

The Flat-Iron Straightening Kit makes it a breeze.

It's never been easier to straighten natural hair while protecting your strands from heat damage.

To finally love the time taken to straighten natural hair, you need these two products in your arsenal:


This salon-grade styling product is made of organic extracts that instantly straighten and smooth even the most unruly hair. 

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL HAIR STRAIGHTENING & SMOOTHING SERUM: this professional hair serum is the perfect heat protection hair straightening styling product for flat-iron styling. Instantly transform frizzy or tangled unruly hair into silky straight, smooth and shimmering hair. Powerful formulation for curly and unruly kinky textures.

NATURAL HAIR SERUM WITH BOTANICAL EXTRACTS: Contain hair-nourishing botanical extracts that penetrate deep into the hair shaft, retains moisture, conditions, provides heat protection, controls frizz and adds radiant shine.

This formulation is does NOT contain:

- Alcohol (drying for hair)

- Parabens (can cause skin irritation)

- Sodium chloride (may trigger itchy scalp and hair loss)

HAIR SERUM FOR DRY HAIR THAT MAKES STYLING EASIER AND FASTER: This hair smoothing serum conditions your hair and makes it free of frizz and tangles, and is perfect for quick drying and flat-iron styling so you're ready for the runway in record time.

LIGHTWEIGHT HAIR STRAIGHTENING SERUM: this hair straightening serum is lightweight and non-greasy, so your hair flows freely with a radiant shine and feels soft and healthy.

HAIR SERUM FOR DAMAGED AND UNRULY HAIR: This 4 fl oz spray bottle can be used daily on all hair types.


One of our most popular and loved Salon-Grade products, you can straighten strands while protecting them from heat damage, effortlessly. 

FLAT IRON HEAT PROTECTION SPRAY: This straight styling spray protects your hair from heat, sun (UV) and humidity exposure, giving you silky straight, smooth and high glossed hair without damaging it. Since it seals the cuticle it eliminates frizz, tangles and damage, suitable for styling with hair straighteners, curling wands, blow dryers and hair dryers for men, women and children.

Great for all hair types wavy, curly, coily and kinky textures.

AS A LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: This weightless, non-greasy hair straightening product is also a leave-in conditioning serum that nourishes your hair and leaves a radiant shine.

THERMAL/HEAT PROTECTOR: Achieve camera-ready hairstyles while protecting your mane from the heat of a flat iron, curling wand or hair dryer, this flat iron spray for hair untangles, hydrates, boosts shine and creates a protective barrier between the hot styling tool and your delicate hair.

Does NOT Contain:

- Sulphates - strips away hair's natural oil and causes frizz

- Parabens - may cause skin irritation

- Alcohol - dries out hair

- Sodium Chloride - may cause itchy scalp and hair loss

Achieve gorgeous styles with peace of mind.

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