Hold Styling Kit - Natural Hair Hairstyles

Every diva needs a great holding product in her cabinet when she's looking to shine like a diamond! This hold kit helps you achieve flawless styles with breakthrough technology and the power of natural extracts.

The Hold Styling Kit for natural hair hairstyles includes TRIPLE THREAT HAIRSPRAY [10 oz] and ENDURE SMOOTHING POMADE [2 oz]. 

Moisturizing - Humidity Resistant - Tri-Spray Technology, Firm Hold - Great Edge Control

professional natural hair style hold spray

Hold Your Style & Look the Part Longer with this Innovative Kit for Natural Hair Hairstyles!

A staple for natural hair hairstyles, this hold kit helps you achieve flawless styles with breakthrough technology and the power of natural extracts.

The Hold Styling Kit for natural hair hairstyles includes:

TRIPLE THREAT HAIRSPRAY- This innovation in spray technology offers three different levels of hold in one bottle AND, amazingly, moisturizes the hair! With the turn of a knob, select light spray for soft holding and reworking, medium spray for fashion styling and redefining, and heavy spray for firmer hold.

Highly flexible, great for restyling and is never sticky.

Moisturizing - Humidity Resistant - Tri-Spray Technology

All Hair Types:

- Wavy

- Curly

- Coily

- Kinky

Contains NO:

- Parabens

This Spray is:

- UV Protectant

- Humidity Resistant

- 10 oz arisol

ENDURE SMOOTHING POMADE [Firm Hold, Edge Control Made with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, Smooth Styles for Every Occasion, Clear]

This clear Shea Butter and Coconut Oil firm-holding pomade smooths and holds the most unruly hair. Creates a silky smooth touchable finish. Non-greasy and flake-free with long lasting hold that keeps edges and short styles camera-ready.


This professional salon grade, natural hair pomade by Prerogative Hair Systems offers firm hold and edge control to create sleek, runway-ready styles for men, women and children.

Create structure and precise styling with this light-weight, flake-free, non-greasy formulation.

Shape hair to perfection by simply altering the amount of hair pomade used or applying to wet or dry hair.


Rest assured that ENDURE natural hair pomade offers a slick, shiny look all day long and will not dry out. This pomade will not flake, so you never have to worry about embarrassing white flakes in your hair.


This natural pomade can be used on all hair types. All you need to do is slightly alter the amount to suit your hair type.

If you have course, kinky hair, use a quarter-sized amount, if you have wavy or curly hair, use a dime-sized amount of pomade cream.

For fine hair, use a little less than a dime size - whatever your hair type, just remember that a little hair pomade helps your style...endure!


This strong hair pomade contains shea butter (hair softener and moisturizer) and coconut oil (keeps hair hydrated, improves scalp health), so you get hair benefits while enjoying sleek styles that remain camera-ready all day.

This pomade does NOT contain hair-damaging substances such as:

- Parabens (may cause skin irritation)

- Alcohol (dries out hair)

So you can sport pristine styles with peace of mind! 

2 oz jar

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