Natural Hair E-Course Part 6: Happy Hair Secrets

November 01, 2017

natural hair success tips

HAIR HELPERS - Embrace Nourishing Practices

In part 5 of this natural hair e-course, you learned specific actions you should stop doing so you don't sabotage your success.

Now, let's consider some important activities you need to weave into your hair management routine to nourish and optimize the health of your hair.

Building a System for Happy Hair

Create a hair appointment calendar - With a husband who’s my best friend, three kids (including one nursing baby), involvement at my church, connecting with friends and running a business, life is busy.
So, it’s a little challenging to find time to care for ME. But you and I must do it in order to have Happy Hair.

Build your community of supporters - During my toughest moments, when I wanted to give up on trying to be natural because of how tough it was to manage my hair, Anthony was there for me. I eventually found a hair-stylist that was great for my hair and books that taught me critical info.

All these factors spurred me on when I needed it. To accomplish anything in life, you need a support system; a community.

Create an atmosphere of acceptance - It’s important to have a shoulder you can cry on when you experience those crazy hair days, just as it is when you're having a hard time getting through tough times in marriage, work, or school.

A lot of people live in isolation, which leads to failure to achieve goals.

Planning your hair goals - If you plan to achieve a hair goal, you’ve got to create a schedule and daily plan to do it. Knowing this, we created a simple calendar anyone can use that’s in our book, “It’s My Prerogative.”

You should also use the natural hair regimen calendar we shared in part 4 of this e-course.

Accountability with your goals - To achieve a goal, it’s important to have people there to hold you accountable to your new commitment.

Learn your Hair Personality Type:

• Classic - The classic styles can be described as simple, elegant, timeless, and conservative. These hairstyle works well for professional occasions and times when you want simplistic beauty that’s not over-stated.

Check out this classic hairstyle by Zoe Saldana...

Zoe Saldana classic hairstyle

• Trendy - Trendy hairstyles are fun, edgy and stylish; but they also go out of style quickly. Celebrities tend to rock trendy styles a lot.

Take a look at this edgy hairstyle by Rhianna...

Edgy Hairstyle by Rihanna

• Romantic - My hairstyle personality is romantic. I wear my hair long and flowy; in loose curls. Spiral or loose curls and loose waves are romantic.

Romantic Medium Black Hairstyle - Kerry Washington

• Casual - If you’re athletic, work in an environment where you sweat more, you’re a home-body or just a casual person, then you probably turn more to casual hairstyles.

When it's gym time or we're going to the pool, I'll either wear a high or low ponytail or a bun.

Take a look at one of the few pics of Beyonce wearing a casual, low ponytail...

Beyonce - sporty casual ponytail
Develop a repertoire of go-to hairstyles based on your personality type and lifestyle.

Even better, mix up the styles to keep people guessing. Don't always wear your hair based on your personality type. Use your hair to express the broad range of emotions, thoughts, and colors of your personality that are both dominant and understated.

The man in your life will thank me for giving you this tip!

I keep Tony interested, after 15 years of marriage and 18 years of being together (as of 2017), by mixing up my hairstyles.

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