How to Transition to Natural Hair WITHOUT Doing the BIG-CHOP

November 03, 2017

transitioning to natural hair, big-chop

Want to Learn How to Transition to Natural Hair WITHOUT Doing the BIG-CHOP?

Let's face it, we're not all cut out for chopping off all our hair and going bald in the name of a fresh start to natural hair.

Some ladies have the perfect head shape and personality to cope with this dramatic move, while others wouldn't dream of voluntarily going bald...unless there's a million dollar prize on the life. 

Hey, everybody has their price, right?

Short of that, my goal was to grow my hair longer, not shave it to it's shiny core.

When I transitioned, back in 2007, there were some steps I remember taking that made all the difference in me successfully growing out my natural hair, while slowly trimming away all my chemically relaxed hair.

There were certainly some days and even periods of time where I had to honker down and overcome challenges, but I made it through and I'm here to tell you, so can you!

But the journey's 10 times easier with the right help - that's why we're here.

Perhaps you're like a lot of natural girls who tried, seemingly, everything on the market and still struggle to maintain healthy and easily manageable hair and achieve quick and easy styles that make you look and feel great.

And maybe you're a real nerd, like me, whose read tons of books, blogs and articles but still don't have the healthy head of gorgeous mane you want.

If this is true then you may be a lot like me and many other women who've tried it all.

I'm going to share some essential secrets to transitioning to natural hair without doing the big-chop.

Secrets to Transitioning Without Doing the Big-Chop

SECRET 1: Keep hair and scalp clean and conditioned.

It's really important to keep your hair clean and conditioned. One big mistake African American women have been taught is to only wash our hair once or twice a month.

This is a mistake. Instead, to grow long, healthy, moisturized natural hair, you need to wash and condition your hair every 4-7 days - minimum.

The trick is to use a shampoo and conditioner that truly moisturize the hair instead of drying it out.

If you fail to keep your partially relaxed and natural hair well moisturized and healthy, you'll experience a tremendous amount of breakage. 

That's what makes our ESSENTIAL HEALTHY HAIR KIT the perfect solution for transitioning to natural hair without doing the big-chop. 

The regimen provided with this 6-part product kit restores your hair to pH balance and ultimate vitality. 

So, the strands remain strong, smooth and moisturized, allowing optimal growth with minimal hair shedding and breakage.

SECRET 2: Keep your hair detangled.  

Having two or more textures of hair on one head becomes a nightmare if you don't keep your hair detangled.

When I was transitioning, and had relaxed and natural hair, with the added complication of two difference hair textures I was born with, I came super close to taking a machete and hacking it all off.


Because all of that variety on a coily head of hair didn't mix well.

It was imperative to wash my hair weekly, not only to maintain moisture, but to keep my hair strands defined, smooth and detangled.

Tangles become knots and cause more breakage.

Detangling is critical for the transitioning phase of your natural hair journey, but it's a fundamental necessity for everyone with textured hair.

That's why Botanical Garden Soft Wash and Botanical Garden Soft Hydrator, our shampoo and conditioner, both include detangling agents and provide more definition.

The less tangles you have, the more hair you'll have! Plus, your hair will look and feel healthier with less tangles and more definition. 

SECRET 3: Develop your repitoire of easy hair styles.

It's important in this phase of your natural hair journey to wear styles that work with your hair instead of against it.

Find textured styles that work and are easy like a braid out, twist out, bun or ponytail. It's pretty easy to add some edge or dress up any of these natural styles.

If you'd like more help in this phase of your natural hair journey then you should grab your copy of the book, "It's My Prerogative: My Hair, My Way, Every Day."

We go into a lot more detail in the book.


Start Your Transformation to Natural Hair Happiness!

Prerogative Hair Systems. ESSENTIAL HEALTHY HAIR KIT

You'll be amazed at how fast your natural hair grows longer, softer and thicker than ever before!

The ESSENTIAL HEALTHY HAIR KIT is modern breakthrough that women of color are raving about.

Find out why and start your transformation to natural hair happiness today.

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