Why Should You Transition to Natural Hair

November 02, 2017

Transition to natural hair

Why Should You Transition to Natural Hair?

While millions of African American women have sparked a flame of transitioning from chemically processed hair to 'natural' hair, still, millions treat their hair with relaxers to straighten it. 

Which means that there are those of you who are considering whether to go natural or remain processed. 

I get it.

Transitioning to natural hair is venturing out into the great unknown. And because you want to look your best, you fear taking the chance of making a big mistake.

To add to that, while there are a few natural girls who rock natural hairstyles well, convincing you it's clearly the best move, you may see many more hair-dos that make you say, "Heck no!..."

When I made the decision to transition to natural hair, there were a few things on my mind. 

And I've found that there are one or more of a few reasons why most women wrestle with going natural or not.

1. Your hair's damaged and you want it to be healthier.
2. Your hair's in good health and you want optimally healthy hair.
3. You're dissatisfied with your hairstyles and want to have healthier hair so you can have cuter styles.

Likewise, there's just a couple of reasons why you may be stuck 'on the fence' about whether you should go natural or not:

1. You don't feel confident that you know how to maintain your hair as you transition.
2. You don't feel confident that you know how to style your hair as you transition.

The problem I had with chemical relaxers is that they dried out my already dry hair, which led to brittle and weak hair that suffered split ends and a raised cuticle. 

This led to increased tangled for my coily texture.

Also, I grew tired of the trend of my being really nice for the first two or three weeks following a relaxer, until my new growth really started to come in, and then trying to style my hair with new growth and relaxed hair.

It was maddening!

So, in 2007 I took the leap. 

Yes, I really struggled at first because there wasn't as much information then and there wasn't a lot of products to choose from.

So we set out to solve the problem, holistically.

We wrote a book called, "It's My Prerogative: My Hair, My Way, Every Day." If you haven't read it yet, you should order it now.

We've also spent over 4 years formulating and manufacturing a salon-grade natural hair product line called Prerogative Hair System

These are salon-grade, premium products that give even the driest, kinkiest, hair the chance to finally be easy to manage and easy to style.

Armed with the best natural hair product regimen I've ever seen and used, as well as thee education provided in "It's My Prerogative," you have everything you need to easily transition to natural hair and grow longer, stronger, healthier, and more moisturized than you've ever had.

Plus, the Prerogative Styling Products we offer make it super-easy to achieve silky straight hairstyles while maintaining healthy hair or needed harsh chemical relaxers, and achieving wash-n-go, braid-out and twist-out styles that hold and well-defined and gorgeous.

Be encouraged and take the next step towards success.

Grab a copy of our book, purchase the Essential Healthy Hair System and choose your first styling kit and transition to natural hair with 100% confidence!



Start Your Transformation to Natural Hair Happiness!

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