Are Natural Hair Products Really the Blueprint to Gorgeous Curls?

August 28, 2017

Are Natural Hair Products Really the Blueprint to Gorgeous Curls?

Natural hair products have cropped up to answer the huge demand of women transitioning to natural hair and transitioning from chemically processed hair.

Nevertheless, many women still struggle to find the narrow path that leads to natural hair happiness.

That's why learning this blueprint to gorgeous hair using natural hair products is an essential lesson every curly girl must know before they may fully achieve lasting results.

The Challenges of Curly and Coarse Hair

By facing the challenges of curly and coily hair textures that are also coarse, we can then build the perfect natural hair products system that keeps your hair ultra-moisturized.

Even more, we can provide weight-less, defined curls that are strong, soft and super healthy so your hair is easy to style and easy to manage as it grows down your back!

CHALLENGE #1: Dryness - The scalp produces natural oil called 'sebum' which nourishes the scalp and hair strands.

This is why many women benefit from the act of brushing their hair; aiding the sebum in traveling from the scalp and base of the hair strands to the end, and thereby nourishing the hair.

Women who benefit from this practice have straighter and finer strands. The curlier and coarser the hair is, the more damaging this practice can be due to tangles and dryness.

Women with curly and coily textures that are coarse suffer with dryness because the sebum isn't able to travel from the base of the hair strands and coarser hair simply needs more conditioning than the scalp produces.

To add insult to injury, many of the shampoos and hair treatments women have used for generations - such as chemical relaxers - further dry out and damage the hair and scalp. This leads to weak and brittle hair that tangles and breaks easily.

CHALLENGE #2: Tangles - The coilier and coarser the hair is - particularily hair that's not conditioned well - the more tangles and knots you'll suffer.

Curls with a fine texture gets frizzy whereas curls with coarser hair texture suffers more tangles. In other words, most caucasian, asian and hispanic women with curly hair suffer more with frizzy hair because of the generally finer texture, while African American women fight tangles more because of the coarser texture.

Using natural hair products that tackle the issues of tangles and frizz while remaining light-weight, so the hair isn't weigned down, is critical in a great hair system.

CHALLENGE #3: Unmanageable - Coarse hair that's not well maintained with the proper daily, weekly and monthly regimen will quickly become unmanageable, grow tangled and knotted up, dry, weak and brittle, break off and rip when you try to style it.

Natural Hair Blueprint: A Holistic Solution

With a keen understanding of these critical challenges that have plagued the hair beauty of generations of women - particularly African American - our mission became to provide a comprehensive, holistic solution.

One that helps women with curly or kinky and coarse hair achieve 'Hair Happiness' - hair that's easy to style and easy to manage because it's super healthy and well moisturized.

This is the only reason we launched Tony Crystal Labs, LLC, created the Prerogative Hair Systems salon-grade, natural based products and published our book called "It's My Prerogative: My Hair, My Way, Everyday."

The foundational natural hair kit we offer through Prerogative Hair Systems is the essential healthy hair product system.

It's a kit comprised of 6 products - some used bi-weekly or monthly and others used weekly - to deliver everything you'll need over the coure of a month's time in order to achieve gorgeous and super-healthy natural curly hair, no matter how coarse, dry and damaged your hair may currently be!

This kit lasts 4-6 months.

Start Your Transformation to Natural Hair Happiness!

Prerogative Hair Systems. ESSENTIAL HEALTHY HAIR KIT

You'll be amazed at how fast your natural hair grows longer, softer and thicker than ever before!

The ESSENTIAL HEALTHY HAIR KIT is modern breakthrough that women of color are raving about.

Find out why and start your transformation to natural hair happiness today.




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