Natural Hair E-Course Part 4: Happy Hair Secrets

October 30, 2017

Natural Hair 101: Tips for Beginners

HAIR 101 - Educate Yourself

There are so many actions we take in the course of managing and styling our natural hair that sabotage our results.

African American women have cultural norms that have spread from salon to salon, from home to home, from state to state, and from generation to generation that are damaging to our hair.

And the worst part about it is that while we're doing the wrong thing for our hair, we THINK we're doing the best thing!

That's why our book, It's My Prerogative, features the Happy Hair System.

We created this because we know while our Prerogative Hair Systems product line solves the 'great products' and problem, ladies won't maximize their results if they take actions that sabotage their success.

There are 4 'pillars' of the Happy Hair System. It starts with "Hair 101 - Educate Yourself."

You don't need to become a chemist to grow long, lush natural hair.

But there are some basics that you need to know and understand to have a fundamental understanding on why we do what you'll learn to do in the rest of this system.

We focus on delivering the essential information you need to know in a fun and simplistic way. We created a system that any one of any age can easily remember and apply to go natural and win.

A few of the basic things you need to know:

1. Hair is comprised of proteins and nourished by sebum - hair’s natural oil. This is why natural oils and protein treatments are critical for growing stronger, well hydrated hair that’s soft and elastic.

You have to nourish the hair with what it needs to maintain maximum health and beauty.

2. All hair grows. You may feel like your hair doesn’t grow because it’s been the same length for so long but there are probably other factors that must be considered to find the source of the problem.

Unless there’s a medication or some medical condition related to stagnant growth or hair loss, you should be encouraged to know that your hair grows!

3. Curly/kinky hair is naturally dry, so our top job is to keep it moisturized. With straight hair, the scalp's natural sebum is able to coat the entire strand because it has a straight path.
But coily, coarse hair has thicker strands with a difficult path for the sebum to travel to the end of the strands. It doesn't make it, causing breakage, split ends and diminishing hair health.
The lack of moisture we hold is why it's important to wash your hair every week. After your hair is properly washed and conditioned, you should follow up with an oil treatment to seal the cuticle and lock in moisture.
This makes the strands smooth, soft and elastic, shiny, easy to manage and easy to style. This all helps your hair grow longer, faster.
4. Curly hair frizzes/tangles more. You must keep the cuticle sealed to prevent tangles and further hair damage. A smooth hair cuticle for your strands delivers hair that's easy to style and easy to manage.
That's why we recommend performing a monthly protein treatment, locking in moisture with natural oil after each weekly wash, wrapping your hair at night, and using products that nourish the strands and that define your strands is important.
smooth, raised, damaged hair cuticle - up-close hair cuticle image

5. You may experience hair oddities. One side of my hair is thinner and curls differently than the other. Craziness, right?!?

The top of my hair is courser than the rest. What's your hair oddity(ies)? Identify your hair oddities and base your regimen on treating the worst or most damaged portion of hair.

5. You should identify the general condition of your hair. Once you’ve done that, you should dream a bit and develop a vision for your hair.

Let's end today's training by asking a question.

What is your #1 goal for your hair?

Contact us to share your response.

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