Natural Hair E-Course Part 5: Happy Hair Secrets

October 31, 2017

Natural hair dos and don'ts

HAIR HATERS - Eliminate Enemy's of Happy Hair

The definition of insanity is continuing to take the same actions that have prove not work, and expecting a different outcome. 

I'm convinced that one of the main reasons so many African American women don't enjoy long, healthy, gorgeous hair is because we continue mismanaging our hair expecting a better outcome each time. 

Super tight braids that pull the hair, caked up oil in the hair, washing the hair once a month, and so many other commonly bad practices damage our hair.

"Hair Haters" are things that you should avoid in order to maximize the health and beauty of your hair.

These enemies of healthy hair sometimes go unnoticed but the results show up in terms of ongoing frustration when trying to grow your hair.

Hair-Haters List

This is a partial list of the items identified in the must-read book, “It’s My Prerogative.”

• Cuts & Trims - Too many cuts & trims, or too much taken off, is the number one way to NOT grow your hair long! Let me explain...

My great-grandmother trimmed my hair for years. She’s a hairstylist and takes care of several ladies' hair in our family. One day I looked at a picture of myself and noticed that my hair hadn’t grown for a long time.

It hit me like the movie, Sixth Sense. I suddenly realized that my great-grandmother was scissor-happy, and loved to cut, cut, cut! You’ve got to trim your hair but you don’t need to let your stylist get carried away.

My great-grandmother gave the excuse that my ends HAD to be even...perfectly even...regardless how much snipping she had to do to make them so!

Tight Hairstyles - Hairstyles that are too tight, like braids and ponytails can damage your hair follicles and cause baldness and hair thinning.

Contrary to popular belief, braids are NOT a protective style and braiding ones hair tight does NOT help it grow faster; it makes you bald! 

I cringe when I see little girls with braids so tight it appears the scalp is being pulled.

• Teasing - Teasing your hair to get extra volume can cause tangles that are impossible to get out and ruin your cuticle - particularly for us who have coily/kinky textured hair.

• Brushing - Brushing your hair to style it with a soft bristle brush while it is wet can snap your strands right off. Some women think brushing coarse and kinky hair while it's wet is the only way to detangle it.

Just because our hair is tough to manage does not mean it's strong enough to handle rough treatment. 

You must brush your when it’s dry instead. To detangle your hair properly, use high-quality natural hair products with detangling ingredients. 

• Combing - The best comb for natural hair is your own 10 fingers. If your hair is tangled, which mine is just about every time I wash it, then you need to do as I do.

First, apply your detangling shampoo, and while the hair is lathered and wet, manually detangle your strands with your fingers. This takes time so take the time to do it.

When you do use a comb, use a very wide tooth.

• Color - Stripping your hair of it's natural color to do a coloring application is taxing on your strands. Applying hair color that's too light can make your hair brittle, weak and dry.

I have been getting highlights lately so that I can have color on less of my hair but still add depth.

I recommend only doing highlights twice a year, maximum. If you do a full hair coloring, which you should NOT do if your hair's in poor condition, you should only do this once a year.

When you do a color treatment, you need to immediately repair the strands with an oil and protein treatments.

• Heat Damage - Flat-irons and blow driers can both cause heat damage. That's why Prerogative Hair Systems styling products, such as the Flat Iron Straightening Kit, is a must-have hair straightening system. 

• Harsh Chemicals - Using products with sodium laurel sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride/salt are bad for your hair. Salt causes heavy build up, which clogs the pores of your hair and causes treatments to be ineffective.

That’s why the first product in the Prerogative Hair Systems line that we recommend everyone start with is REBIRTH Peppermint & Tea Tree Deep Wash

It’s a clarifying treatment that’s stronger than BOTANICAL GARDEN Soft Wash.

It's necessary to totally cleanse your hair in order to start fresh.

If you take these tips to heart and use them, you will be far ahead of the pack and do yourself a huge favor as you grow long, lush natural hair.

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