Natural Hair E-Course Part 1: Happy Hair Secrets

October 21, 2017

transitioning to natural hair - Crystal Obey

My Journey Begins: Why I Transitioned to Natural Hair

For well over a decade and a half, African American women have sparked a flame that's become a national, cultural phenomenon.

Millions of women of color have transitioned to natural hair - finally embracing our natural beauty instead of struggling to fit into the mold of beauty mainstream America has sold for centuries.

A Flame Was Sparked

My inner flame was sparked back in 2007; that's when I decided to transition to natural hair from chemically processed hair.

I didn't make this decision in a vacuum. I talked with my mom about it, my grandmother about it, my friends about it, but it was my husband's support that gave me the courage to embark on this journey.

But Why?

You see, one day, while flipping through some pictures we had recently taken, strolling down memory lane, I came across one that I particularly liked.

Tony had taken this shot of me. 

My image in the picture and memories of the sweet time Tony and I had that day brought a smile to my face. But I noticed that my hair was neck length.

"What's wrong with that," you ask? 

I had been deliberately trying to grow my hair out for over two years and it didn't seem to be growing at all!

I realized in that instant that my great-grandmother, who always trimmed my hair when 'the moon was right,' was a little clip-happy, and was cutting too much of my hair off in the name of 'keeping my ends even.' 

To add to that, I hated how every time I got a fresh perm, my new growth would always ruin my hair within just a few weeks. 

But I had other issues.

I realized that my hair and skin was manifesting signs of poor health.

I suffered skin and scalp dryness that was leading to eczema.

What I Discovered...

But through diligent research and application of what I learned, I cleared up all signs of dry and damaged hair as well as the eczema that was beginning to develop on my skin.

Through the experience of transitioning to naturally curly hair, suffering some bad-hair days and learning from my mistakes, a breakthrough new regimen emerged that helped me grow super-healthy natural hair without doing the big chop.

After helping friends, family and neighbors with their hair and skin, Anthony and I realized we couldn’t keep this MISSING LINK to natural hair success to ourselves.

We founded Tony Crystal Labs, LLC to empower women of color to achieve hair, health and life happiness. 

Since 2007, I’ve been on the path to, what we coined, ‘hair happiness’ and have enjoyed this state of being for a decade now.

In other words, I have proven and simple regimens to manage my naturally thick, course, and coily hair.

The inherent challenge of managing dry, frizzy, coily hair on a daily basis means we need simple and proven regimens, tools and products that work well.

This challenge is compounded by the external pressure of society’s narrow definition of beautiful hair, which most curly/kinky girls genetically cannot live up to.

That's why generations of curly/kinky girl’s have grasped in vain for a sense of self-worth and a healthy personal esteem in the wrong places.

But with proven products, tools and systems, you too can build your own unique brand of beauty that ONLY you own the rights to.

My regimen fits into my busy lifestyle as a mother of 3 and counting, managing my home, and working in our company. 

I have multiple hairstyles in my back pocket that keep Tony's head turning and that make me look and feel my best for every occasion.

I've achieved "HAIR HAPPINESS!!!" 

And the reason we've written this little E-Course and all the other content we create, as well as provide the products we do, is to help you achieve Hair Happiness too!

We want you to experience hair happiness too; with a full and gorgeous head of 100% natural curly/kinky hair that’s easy to style and easy to manage just like me!

 Next Steps

You’re about to learn everything you should know to go from damaged, dry and tangled hair to 100% naturally curly, easily manageable hair that’s easy to style.

With what you learn, you’ll finally be able to shout, “It’s my prerogative…my hair, my way, everyday!”

In the next part of this 7 part E-Course, we’ll begin to dive into the regimen that changed my life. You'll discover exactly how it can do the same thing for you.

Start Your Transformation to Natural Hair Happiness!

Prerogative Hair Systems. ESSENTIAL HEALTHY HAIR KIT

You'll be amazed at how fast your natural hair grows longer, softer and thicker than ever before!

The ESSENTIAL HEALTHY HAIR KIT is modern breakthrough that women of color are raving about.

Find out why and start your transformation to natural hair happiness today.




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