How to Achieve Natural Hair Happiness

August 28, 2017

How to Achieve Natural Hair Happiness

Transitioning to natural hair is the decision that a lot of women come to after years of chemically relaxing their hair.

Women with curly, coily and kinky hair textures have always found to difficult to manage and style their hair.

But even after chemical relaxers, I found that within just 3 weeks, my natural new-growth caused problems for styling. The relaxed hair was straight while the new-growth wash bushy and course.

It was a nightmare.

I vividly remember the moment I made the decision to transition to natural hair in 2006. I looked at a picture of myself one day a noticed that my hair hadn't grown longer in a long time.

As if it were frozen in time, unable to break free and continue growing. At that time, in 2006, my scalp was dry and flaky, my hair strands were dry and damaged, and my skin was developing spots of eczema.

After a lot of research and talking with my great grand-mother, who was an 86 year old hair stylist and home remedy enthusiast, I discovered that the treatments and ingredients of my hair products, skin lotion and soap were drying out my skin and damaging my hair.

It was at this point that Anthony - my husband - and I completely overhauled everything we used in personal grooming and what I used in maintaining and styling my hair.

Through years of research, testing, improving on what was working, Anthony supported me as I developed a regimen that helped me transition from chemically relaxed hair to natural hair, without doing the Big-Chop.

I also started developing my own natural hair products for maintenance and styling. On my natural hair journey, I went through a lot of ups and downs, and after a few years, I became completely natural and haven't looked back!

My hair went from being stuck at medium (neck length) to flowing down to the small of my back!

I hated having my hair chemically relaxed and looking like I needed another relaxer within just 4-6 weeks as new growth began to show.

Today, with 100% natural hair, I can say that I've achieved what we call 'Hair Happiness!'

There were so many family members and friends who struggled with their hair. I learned so much from my journey.

So having experienced so many of the common struggles and pitfalls that come with this transition, Anthony and committed our selves to helping other women transform their damaged, dull hair into gorgeous, natural hair that's easy to style and easy to manage.

So we launched Tony Crystal Labs, LLC, through which we are building a breakthrough, salon-grade product line for women with textured hair called, Prerogative Hair Systems.

We also wrote a book called "It's My Prerogative: My Hair, My Way, Everyday," to help women successfully transition to totally natural hair without the headaches I went through.

We offer hands-on, over-the-shoulder hair coaching to our valued customers who wish to restore their hair to health and achieve gorgeous styles for every occasion.

Our mission is to help you achieve your ultimate hair goals and develop a repertoire of go-to styles that fit every occasion.

Our company only exists to fill the huge market need we see that women need, using the unique skills we have as professionals to serve women who need the help.

We want to interact with you, here from you and empower you finally achieve your secret most ardent hair goals.

Start Your Transformation to Natural Hair Happiness!

Prerogative Hair Systems. ESSENTIAL HEALTHY HAIR KIT

You'll be amazed at how fast your natural hair grows longer, softer and thicker than ever before!

The ESSENTIAL HEALTHY HAIR KIT is modern breakthrough that women of color are raving about.

Find out why and start your transformation to natural hair happiness today.




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